Valter Skupina

A Big Solution in a Small Box

Measurement 24/7

No water loss

20 years LIFETIME

Amperometric measurement method

Integrated controller, display of measured parameters

Data transfer to SCADA

Operation under high pressures (up to 16 barometers)

Operation on solar energy sources (12/24V)

Calibration less than 10 s

chlorine analyzer from valter group on a white background
Properties and Performance

Disinfection is a necessary process in the preparation of drinking water. Disinfection of contaminated water destroys bacteria and certain viruses, thereby preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Effective disinfection is only possible if a sufficient amount of residual chlorine is measured in water. Our VCA210 Chlorine analyzer with self cleaning system, is the best solution for those demands.

Installation and Maintenance

Easy fixing to the wall with screws. Simple connection with sample water. Work in the most demanding working environments. The cleaning balls and electronic potentiometers provide a quality signal and reduce the need for cleaning and calibration. Estimates and predictions are not enough for reliable supply of properly treated drinking water - the content of the disinfectant must be measured and regulated. A self-cleaning high pressure chlorine probe is a tested device for the continuous measurement of free chlorine in water. The product does not lose sampling water and corresponds to green technology.

chlorine analyzer mounted on the wall
3d round land with icons on it showing the water supply distribution

Smart city concept integrated with VCA210

The smart city concept is a term driven by technology to make a city more adoptive to users online, to improve and fasten the quality of human life. Our idea and concept which we see is, that in the water treatment structure there is still a lot of room for improvement and our VCA210 chlorine analyzer is the perfect solution, to first in the human lifetime provide the exact measurement from the water source to the end user. This kind of measurement will tell us, exactly where in the pipeline the problem occur, so we can act properly and immediately to solve the problem. Smart cities collect a lot of data that serves to optimize and improve the quality of life of citizens. With our project, we want to offer citizens an insight into the quality of water they consume. It is very important for the operator to know and to have information what kind of water quality is flowing through the pipeline system in a specific area and to get information directly from the system itself.

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