Healthy fresh water for everyone with Valter’s water treatment systems

We are your long term partner for service and installation of water treatment equipment.
Our team will provide you the same water quality from point A to Z, the highest water quality from Nature to households, fast and quality service, installation and upgrade of water treatment system.


A Big Solution in a Small Box

High-pressure, self cleaning CHLORINE ANALYZER VCA 210

New Techonology Control: On-line analyzer for measuring of free-chlorine in real time.


of water disinfection

Exact measuring on end point of piping system with adjustable dosing, based on the accurate measurements.


WE TAKE CARE OF DRINKING WATER even when others find it impossible

Valter skupina offers professional solutions and equipment for the preparation and treatment of drinking water. In 30 years of solving complex challenges around the world,
we have acquired the knowledge and competence to offer you the best solutions for your water treatment challenges.


Welcome to Our Valter Skupina mission for drinking water

We divide the company’s activity into two main groups, providing our services and equipment integration for water treatment systems such as repairing services, engineering and representation of high quality products from various suppliers for filtration systems, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis – RO, dosing technology and chlorine gas. The other part of the company is production of products and disinfection systems, for the treatment of drinking water

28 Years on market
872 Projects
12 Innovative products

We Provide solutions to your problems

In the Valter Skupina, we provide you with fast and high-quality service, commissioning and after-sales of built-in equipment of our own production, as well as products from other renowned global manufacturers. In addition to serving, our field team can supply you with regular monitor of the operation for installed equipment and control the content of disinfectants in the water. Whit a Big Solution in a Small Box drinking water problem is not your nightmare any longer. Project goals are display of water quality in real time, digitalization of the drinking water distribution process, transition to a smart city, a broader overview of data and properties of drinking water, improving the standard of living of citizens, collecting data to optimize the water treatment process using AI.

A wide range of services and products used for a variety of application

Valter Skupina is striving for constant development, with a clear vision that with our many years of experience, knowledge and continuous development of technology, we offer and seek the most optimal, long-term and quality solutions for optimizing water quality in the global market. The success of the project will be measured by the number of corrections of the water supply unit and on the results and number received of insights from citizens. The main criteria is of course the improvement of drinking water quality, and optimization of chlorine level in drinking water.