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Smart city concept integrated with VCA210

The smart city concept is a term driven by technology to make a city more adoptive to users online, to improve and fasten the quality of human life.

Our idea and concept which we see is, that in the water treatment structure there is still a lot of room for improvement and our VCA210 chlorine analyzer is the perfect solution, to first in the human lifetime provide the exact measurement from the water source to the end user.

This kind of measurement will tell us, exactly where in the pipeline the problem occur, so we can act properly and immediately to solve the problem.

Smart cities collect a lot of data that serves to optimize and improve the quality of life of citizens. With our project, we want to offer citizens an insight into the quality of water they consume. It is very important for the operator to know and to have information what kind of water quality is flowing through the pipeline system in a specific area and to get information directly from the system itself.

We understand the meaning of  drinking water

We divide the company’s activity into two main groups, providing our services from water treatment systems such as service, engineering and representation of high quality products from various suppliers for filtration systems, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis – RO, dosing technology and chlorine gas and production of products and systems for disinfection and for the treatment of drinking water.

Our company vision due to our long term experience on the subject of water treatment is to provide, produce and seek for the best possible solutions and technology for optimization of quality drinking water on global market.

Meet the Team
David Sodnik CEO & Owner
Gregor Marolt Chief Service Officer
Marko Radman Service officer
Sara Kren Commercial Manager
Barbara Hočevar Office Administrative Manager
Gašper Sodnik Purchasing & distribution Manager